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Tommy’s Blind Date is published by Anne Brooke Books. Thirty-two year old Tommy Godolphin has been on a series of blind dates, as he doesn’t want to be single any more. However, none of them really hits the spot and the latest one has proved a complete, if amusing, disaster. 

When he recounts what happened to his best friend, Jacob, he expects Jacob to laugh with him as usual, but this time he doesn’t. Instead, Jacob challenges Tommy to go out on a blind date with him, to see what, if anything, he might be doing wrong. If Tommy accepts, how will their friendship survive?

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“This very delightful, sexy little number proves that sometimes shorter is better and that a story with only 9000 words can be just as satisfying as one that’s much longer.” [Read the rest of this 4.5 star review at Jessewave Reviews]

"This book may be very short, but it's witty, sweet AND steamy - believe me when I say I felt the passion reaching out and grabbing me solidly - in all the right places, from my Kindle. I highly recommend Tommy's Blind Date to all M/M and open minded readers. Read it and see, I guarantee you won't be disappointed." [Read the rest of this review at KazzaK Book Reviews and Therapy]

"These two men are a delight to read about, I am sure Ms. Brooke had a blast writing about them, it came through in the writing very clearly. The subtle joking, the colorful way the characters describe each other and themselves. The plain fun that goes into Tommy getting ready for this all important date had me laughing until I was crying. The way that Jacob took charge when Tommy got to the restaurant late and kept it through the rest of the date; had me panting to be his date …" [Read the rest of this 5-star review at Lyssa Reviews]

Tommy’s Blind Date is a delightful and steamy short story that is close to perfection. It’s a quick, delicious bite with an incredibly hot sex scene, wonderful tension, and characters that are by turns funny and interesting. The unique British flair to Brooke’s writing is always an added bonus and this is easily one of my favorites from an author with a considerable short story backlist.” [Read the rest of this 4 star review at Three Dollar Bill Reviews]

“There is lots of humour in this story as Tommy tells about his dates and as he deals with this new Jacob he's unfamiliar with, but also a few more serious undercurrents. A cute little read.” [Read the rest of this review at Tam's Reads]

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